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31 dec

“ECONOMY IS THE CONTINUATION OF WAR THROUGH DIFFERENT MEANS”. Intervju sa grupom “T.O.P. – Theorie.Organisation.Praxis” iz Berlina


Could you briefly present your group, its activities and current goals as well as your development since the first days?

TOP: As the name of our group, T.O.P. – Theorie.Organisation.Praxis, already shows, we are following three major goals:
1. Theory, which means developing and presenting a radical critique through public speeches and seminars, the Marx Autumn School, publishing publications, posters, leaflets and of course the journal “Straßen aus Zucker”, which has become quite big and important and is a project which also includes people outside our group. Recent issues have covered topics such as racist mobilizations in Germany, refugee protests, protests against the crisis and anti-capitalism in general, such as Blockupy and feminism, including the preparation for the demonstration on the 8th March.

2. Organisation means organizing our own group, which has become quite big recently and which is divided into different working-groups. At the national level we participate in the organizational processes of Ums-Ganze!, which also includes working with other alliances like Interventionistische Linke (Interventionist Left) and certain projects like Blockupy or the preparation against the ECB (European Central Bank) on the 18th of March 2015, or the feminist march on the 8th March. Last but not least, we organize at the European level, through the “Beyond Europe” network, collaboration with groups in other countries as well. This level of organization is often based on certain events like the mobilization against the WKR-Ball in Vienna (a big rightwing ball), the “Blockupy” protests against capitalism and crisis in Frankfurt or the big political-festivals organized by Alpha Kappa in Greece.
3. Praxis: Critical thinking and theoretical analysis are crucial for an adequate understanding of society. The theoretical critique of capitalism, however, must be connected with a practical critique: political action and social struggle. If we are convinced today that capitalism as a self-sufficient, unnecessary relationship of constraint must be overcome for the establishment of a humane and reasonable society, than we should develop a political action that is directed to this mission. Today, we are still experimenting with different forms of action, from our marginalized position, and we try to reflect our experiences on a strategic level.

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